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Technology Cases

Technology Cases

Without the technology industry we would not such items like computers, plasma T.V.'s, cell phones, MP3 players, alarm & surveillance systems, identifications systems, etc… Thanks to technology, these modern day conveniences and tools provide us with a better quality of life by making us more mobile than ever before. To maintain this level of ease created by our technology, it is vital that these items be protected and just as mobile.

Features & Benefits

TThanks to a custom technology case, your most vital tech gizmos and equipment will be protected on the go. Our custom technology cases are lightweight, highly durable, mobile and waterproof. So whether it is for a cell phone, computer/laptop or mobile PDA system, your tech gizmos remain protected and portable in our specialized technology equipment cases.

Custom Technology Cases by CasesByMasco

MEI Research has experience creating a number of protective technology cases for a multitude of gizmos, small or large. We only use cases from the best brands in the industry like: the Pelican case, SKB, Seahorse and many more. We also create custom foam inserts to protect the shape and size of any military device.

Feature Projects

  • Mobile Identification Case - An injection molded case for a mobile PDA finger print scanner protected by a die cut and laminated Polyurethane (ELE) custom foam insert.
  • 3D Imaging Device Case - An injection molded case designed to protect a 3D imaging device protected by a die cut and laminated mini cell Polyethylene (EVA) custom foam insert.
What We Do

Cases By Masco is an authorized dealer for the most recognized names in shipping and transport cases. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom foam inserts for just about any application. With over 10 years experience creating custom cases for military, medical and technology applications you can be sure we can deliver the right custom case for you!

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