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Foam Cutting Instructions

We have included a safety knife and these simple instructions to help you get the maximum benefit from your case.


First, remove the layers you wish to customize from the case and lay them on a flat surface. Place all of your equipment on top of the cubed foam that came with your case. Distribute until you have a suitable arrangement.

Leave adequate space between each piece of equipment. For light weight items minimum separation: should be 1", and up to 2" of separation for heavier items.

Marking Foam

Obtain a blackboard type chalk for marking an outline onto the foam. Slowly and steadily draw an outline around the item(s). Next remove the item from the foam and very carefully draw a second outline 1/4" inside the original outline. When doing this, use this new outline to smooth out and straighten any slips or wavy lines. When satisfied move onto the next step.

Cutting Foam

For best results we recommend using an electric carving knife. If an electric knife is not available, use a very sharp knife with a blade of 8". With foam protruding slightly over the edge of a table, cut along the inside outline with the knife at a 90 degree angle. (If using an electric knife be sure not to use a sawing motion but rather let the knife flow smoothly). When squaring corners, end the cut at the corner and start a new cut from the other direction, ending at the corner.

Fit Check

Place foam back into the cases and insert equipment into designated areas. Item should fit very snugly in all directions. If you find you've made a mistake and have any loose areas, cut off corresponding piece from cutout and glue back to wall with spray contact adhesive.

Final Step/Glue

Once you are satisfied with the modifications, and no more alterations are to be made, we recommend gluing the layers to each other. Adhesives that we have found to work well are 3M's Hi-Strength 90 or Super 77. Both of these can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's.