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How to Select the Proper Case

We offer a wide range of hard shell cases for a multitude of applications so we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming in selecting a case. To help aid you in locating the perfect transit case for your application we have developed a simple to use process to help narrow your search.

First off we need to start by educating you on how we dimension all the cases on our site. Everything on our site is listed in Internal Dimensions (I.D.). This is done so that we can quickly determine if you equipment will physically fit inside a specific case. Although Outside Dimensions (O.D.) can be critical we will not focus on it at this stage of the process. We list our cases in a Length (L), Width (W), Height (H) format. We also provide you with both the Lid and Base depths so that you know were the parting line of the cases is. Here is a diagram of what we are talking about.

With this in mind let's locate your case. To do this we need to establish the size of the item(s) you are looking to house inside the case. We have established two different techniques for accomplishing this, one is for packaging an individual item and the other if for multiple items. Please follow the instructions below based on one of these two criteria's.

  • Individual - Simply take the O.D. of your unit and add 4" to the L x W x H of your unit.
  • Multiple - This requires a little more work. Take the items and lay them out as you feel would work best for you. Then go ahead and add all the dimensions up taking into consideration a minimum of 1" of foam in between each item and 2" of foam in between the items and the proposed case wall.

Now that you have this dimension then go ahead and input this into our Shipping Case locator along with a few other search refining options and we will return a list of all relevant case sizes for your consideration.

We use 2" of foam as a good general rule of thumb for padding around the equipment. This allows us some flexibility in selecting the proper case as it is rare to find a case which is the perfect size. In most applications 2" of foam is the most cushioning you will require so if you need to go up in size or down in size slightly you should be fine. We typically do not recommend going below 1" of foam cushioning between your item(s) and the wall of the case. All applications are different so if things are really tight then we will need to get into a more detailed analysis were we will take into consideration the fragility, weight and type of foam being used. To learn more on this please check out our foam selection guide or call us to discuss your application further. You can reach one of our Sales Engineers by calling 800-772-1960.

Other items of importance when selecting the proper case.

  1. Do you require wheels or casters on the case for added mobility?
  2. Does the case need to fit inside the trunk of a car?
  3. Does the case need to fit through a door way?
  4. What will the total weight be, including your items, and will you be able to lift it?
  5. Does your case need to be watertight?
  6. Does your case need to meet any specific Military Spec's?
  7. Do you need to be able to ship the case via a common courier? If so, does it meet their size requirements?