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Ethafoam® the Polyethylene Foam

Ethafoam® is a closed-cell Polyethylene foam that is very strong, resilient and flexible. Its durability makes it ideal for preserving the integrity of just about any object as it can handle repeated shocks and impacts.  In order to cushion and protect fragile items, Ethafoam® is cut into a suitable shape and size, creating a special cushioned housing for the ultimate level of protection during shipping or transport.

Whether your item weighs only a couple of pounds or a couple hundred pounds, Ethafoam® products are available in a variety of strengths and densities.  Thanks to its strength and high load bearing characteristics, your packaging costs can be greatly reduced since it can be reused several and because it uses thinner and smaller amounts of foam than others.

Types of Polyethylene Foam

Medium Density

Medium density Ethafoam® offers outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts on endcaps, corner pads, product or load separators, and/or housing valuable or delicate products.

  • Ethafoam® 150
  • Ethafoam® 180
  • Ethafoam® 220

Heavy Density

This heavy density Polyethylene foam provides heavy duty protection and cushioning and strength for extreme load bearing applications.

  • Ethafoam® 400
  • Ethafoam® 600
  • Ethafoam® 900

Anti-Static Ethafoam®

A variety of our Ethafoam® products are available in an anti-static version.  The anti-static Ethafoam® is ideal for maintaining consistent, long term protection for a variety of electronics and flammable opjects.

Other Polyethylene Foams

  • Ethafoam® HRC, or High Recycled Content, is a Polyethylene foam containing a minimum of 65% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Ethafoam® 4101 FR, or Flame Retardant Foam, is a Polyethylene foam made from fire-retardant properties and is even formulated to meet commercial airline requirements.
  • Ethafoam® Military suite of foams is made to meet strict military standards.
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Cases By Masco is an authorized dealer for the most recognized names in shipping and transport cases. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom foam inserts for just about any application. With over 10 years experience creating custom cases for military, medical and technology applications you can be sure we can deliver the right custom case for you!

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