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ZERO Shipping Cases and Transit Cases
ZERO Shipping Case – The Ultimate in Packaging Capability

ZERO'S EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE in engineering transit and storage technologies makes us the indisputable leader in rugged plastic and metal ZERO shipping cases. Our line of ZERO transit cases, called the Transitainer™, represents the ultimate in total packaging capability at a very affordable price while our Modular Containers are the ultimate in durable, reusable shipping and storage solutions.

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Available in over 60 standard sizes and with a variety of options to meet all of your requirements, ZERO rotomolded Transitainer cases include outstanding performance and protection.


  • Uniform wall thickness for durability
  • Interlocking ribs, top and bottom, allow for stacking
  • Rotomolded cases resist most chemicals and solvents
  • Integrally molded tongue–and–groove closure
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Val-An means "Value Analyzed," demonstrating a commitment from ZERO to provide the desirable features of the Val-An Series in efficient, cost–effective cases. Val-An Series cases come in many standard sizes and configurations. They can also be customized to meet an even greater number of needs.


  • 52 width & length combinations, & many depths from which to choose
  • Water–tight construction meets MIL-STD-108
  • Made from seamless, deep drawn aluminum shells
  • Choice of closure type, panel flange, and/or inner lid, and finish
Laptop Cases
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The ZERO Laptop Cases contain an integrated insert that combines the highest quality foams with rigid partitioning that yields exceptional protection for laptop computers and accessories during shipment.

Unlike solid foam interiors which seek to protect each individual piece, the interiors function as an integrated protection system that anticipates & compensates for the external & internal forces likely to occur during shipment. These cases provide better protection than solid foam interiors, they also take up less space, & decrease the required case size needed for a given number of laptops.

Modular Cases
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Custom engineered cases to meet your exacting needs, Modular Containers are made from light–weight aluminum and make exceptional reusable shipping and storage containers. Your first cost is your last cost when you choose these rugged shipping and storage containers.


  • High Strength–to–Weight Ratio
  • Construction flexibility and reusable
  • Maximum shock isolation and environmental protection possible
  • Easy, fast, economical accessorizing with standard options